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CLC and IMCS Pray for the New Bishop

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Members of the Christian Life Community and the International Movement of Catholic Students recited a litany for the newly consecrated Bishop Tsegaye Keneni of the Apostolic Vicariate of Soddo.  The litany took place at Soddo Holy Trinity Cathedral on Saturday, 23 November 2013, on the eve of the consecration.
 Father Groum Tesfaye, SJ, ecclesiastical assistant of the Christian Life Community (CLC) and head priest of the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) in Addis Ababa, led the litany. He asked the faithful to pray that God gives Bishop Tsegaye the wisdom and courage to do what God wills. “A bishop should not be fearful,” said Fr.Groum, recalling words of Blessed John Paul II.

Father Groum thanked men and women who supported Bishop Tsegaye in his life. He also thanked God for His unfailing faithfulness to Bishop Tsegaye. “We thank you, God, for making him a man of faith,” he said.
CLC and IMCS members sang hymns of thanksgiving in between the litany.That was a joyful moment also for the other faithful attending the litany. “I am happy to see the youth praying for the Bishop,” a parishioner at the Holy Trinity Cathedral told Fr. Groum.
Bishop Tsegaye appeared and greeted the faithful gathered at the Church at the end of the litany. He thanked them for their prayers, and asked to continue praying for him.
CLC and IMCS members attended the mass of consecration with equally fervent spirit on Sunday, 24 November 2013. Some assisted the choir during the mass.
The members came mainly from Addis Ababa, Soddo, Emdibir, Arbaminch and Debre Brehan. They spent Saturday night at Soddo Don Bosco School.

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